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Types of Starch Based Adhesive used in Corrugation Industry

Starch based Adhesive are generally classified based on the process for which it is used as

  1. Corrugation Adhesive
  2. Pasting / Laminating Adhesive

Corrugation Adhesive

Corrugation Adhesive refers to the adhesive used on Single Facer/ Corrugator /Corrugation Machine.

For Semi-Automatic Operations:

Corrugation Adhesive is used for preparing 2 ply liners. This adhesive is applied on the flute tips and it is adhered to the kraft liner.


For Automatic Operations:

Corrugation Adhesive is used for preparing the Corrugation Board in fully automatic Corrugation Machines. The adhesive is applied on the exposed flute tips at the single facer and double backer station to form a board.


Corrugation adhesive cannot be applied directly with water. This adhesive needs heating in the presence of water to gain its bonding or adhesion property. Corrugation Adhesive is mixed with water (in the ratio provided by your adhesive supplier) and is poured in the gum tray. It gains it adhesion property when it is applied to the flute tip in the presence of heat on the Corrugation and Pressure Rolls.


Pasting Adhesive

Pasting Adhesive refers to the adhesive used on Laminating or Pasting Machine. This adhesive is used to stick the top paper to the flutes or to assemble the top paper and liners to form 3ply/ 5ply/ 7ply boards. This adhesive is used only in Semi-Automatic / Manual Operations.


Pasting Adhesive, is mixed with water and is used at room temperature. This adhesive, unlike corrugation adhesive, does not require heat for gaining its adhesion property. It is a gelatinized adhesive used for adhering the top paper at room temperature.

So what is Gelatinization? This important concept of Gelatinization will be discussed in the next post.